>Makoto wearing a $160 shirt

"That’s not even the best part. That shirt sold out after some Japanese identified Makoto’s shirt in real life.
Makoto fans bought a 170 euros shirt because of their husbando.”

"Makoto sells shirt by simply being perfect.
All’s right in the world.”

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Sometimes there are no words

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i thought you loved me

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If there is not one emotional scene between Makoto and Haru, I will be disappointed in the whole season.

Rin came full circle, Rin and Haru got their relationship figured out, they are friends, they are important to each other and they apparently share the same dream. They got their “ending”.

Now we shoud get Makoto/Haru one, they need to talk, share their dreams, I mean we had a whole Rin/Haru episode but not one emotional Makoto/Haru moment (and a good one, not yelling at each other or having a tension between them)? 

And if it turns out to be the Haru’s group apology, Haru sharing his dream with everyone and including Makoto in to the group and not talking one on one, I will be pissed. 

It’s not right, it’s not fair to their relationship which is the core of the show (with Rin/Haru one, but that was more season one and more a friend/rival relationship). We didn’t even get Makoto’s explanation of why he was jealous of Rin, what did his tear mean? That he “let go of Haru”? That is just our speculation, are we right? What does it even mean, that growing up you move one from one another but “your hearts stay connected”? Don’t give me that romantic bullshit, there is no point in separating them. Why aren’t they separating Rin/Haru? They could always swim at international level with each other. Why Makoto/Haru? 

I am still hoping that they stay together in Tokyo but I have a bad feeling we won’t get an emotional scene and heart to heart.

P.S. I like Rin/Haru friendship but I have a feeling Makoto and his feelings always get thrown aside, no one of his friends (except from Rin, bless his soul) even asked him about his dreams, they all run around Haru, worry about Haru and Haru just ignores everyone, shuts everyone out, even Makoto. I just want someone to show a bit of love to Makoto and show their relationship in the real light, to do them justice.

Is that too much to ask?

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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'here have my fries'

'Im gonna draw you something'

'yeah i'll buy it for you'

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reading fics that are so good at handling the characters that you can hear their dialogue in their voices and actually imagine the scenarios being presented like

hell yeah

hell yeah

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oh hey female makoto tachibana aka shoko yuasa

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I goofed a lot but who cares¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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episode 12

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